Fights break out at Ridgeview High School

Posted at 6:02 PM, May 05, 2016
Parents are on high-alert tonight after reports of several fights at Ridgeview High School - days after a shots were fired at a school prom after party.
According to the school's principal, Steve Holmes, there were three fist fights today - one before school, one at lunch and one after school.
A parent who witnessed one of the fights said she's concerned for her daughter's safety.
Many students at Ridgeview said there were at least a dozen fights that broke out Thursday on campus.
School staff wouldn't say much, but the school had a heavy police presence - alarming some parents.
Annette Seuell witnessed a school fight when she dropped off her daughter.
"Everybody started fighting and the girls were running. And it was like, chaotic," said Seuell.
She asked staff what was going on, but they didn't have any answers. 
"Is it gang related? Is it a pack? What's going on?" she said.
Her daughter, Gabrielle Seuell, who is a freshman at the school, witnessed some of the fights.
When asked about them, she said she feels uneasy.
"A little bit but not really because we're all used to it because it happens mostly every day."
As for her mom, she's asking for students to speak up and for the school to keep parents informed. 
"We need a dialog. We need communication. Someone needs to say something or some is going to get really, really hurt."
The school district says they're investigating all fights and students involved will face disciplinary action.
Ask for classes tomorrow, the school plans to have extra security on site to make sure everyone stays safe.

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