Hot weather means potential danger at The Bluffs

Posted at 4:42 PM, Apr 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-18 21:25:37-04

The warm weather and good air quality sent dozens to exercise outdoors today, but first responders worry that some may not be prepared for the spike in temperatures. 

The sun was beaming and there was hardly a cloud in the sky as dozens exercised at The Bluffs today. 

"I wanted to come out a little early, it's a little cooler," said Richard Anderade who walks outdoors four to five days a week. 

But the high temperatures has first responders saying sometimes those exercising outdoors are unaware of the dangers.

"They go about their same routines every single day. They take their same amount of water while exercising, walking, running, biking and they need to be careful," said Anthony Galagaza, Battalion Chief for the Bakersfield Fire Department.

Officials said the effects of not drinking enough water is what makes working out at The Bluff dangerous.

"Dehydration can set in very quickly so you have to drink a lot of water and electrolytes," said Tyler Townsend, Captain with Kern County Fire. 

The Bluffs' trails, which offer panoramic views, also come with steep drop offs just feet away. 

Recently a woman had to be rescued after she became nauseated and dizzy while on a trail. 

"She just couldn't go on anymore. She didn't bring enough water, she wasn't cool enough and it was the last spike in temperatures that we had," said Bat. Chief Galagaza. 

Officials said it's important if you're exercising outdoors to go with a friend or take a cell phone in case of an emergency, stay on trail and drink lots of water. 

Many people and pets were trying to rehydrate every chance they could get today. 

"Everybody that's out here is on some type of journey to lose weight or get healthier," said Nic Kennelty who was exercising at The Bluffs. "If you're not sweating you're not getting the job done so this is really the perfect weather to do it as long as you can stay hydrated."

The temperatures are expected to dip down toward the end of the week.