Five fights in 72 hours at West High School

Posted at 7:15 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 22:15:27-04

Cell phone video captures three of five fights on the West high campus in the last 72 hours. 


Girls brutally attacking each other while students stand by watching and recording.


Growing concerns among parents like Ebone King who tells 23ABC that brawls like these have her daughter, a junior at West High, opting to stay home. 


While other parents contemplate removing their children altogether.


Social media posts suggest a possible motive for the recent brawls may be students attempting to get out of going to school. 


In January, cell phone video captured students attacking another in a violent off-campus fight.


The district says the fighting in the videos has reportedly been sparked by disputes among groups of girls. 

Adding that the incidents have been fully investigated and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.


While some students say they don't feel threatened or afraid, they are fed up with the attacks.


"It just looks brutal. It looks unfortunate. You know, these are little girls. They're going to be women. That's nothing you want surfing social media for the rest of your life,” said King.



The District also tells 23ABC that they do not condone violence of any kind on its campuses and that extra campus security, as well as additional support from the Kern High School District Police Department is being provided to maintain a safe environment for the students.