Fmr. detective Patrick Mara linked to Diaz

Posted at 1:26 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 16:11:26-04

Former Bakersfield Police Department detective Patrick Mara will be named as the officer linked to Damacio Diaz's illegal drug operations while he was a member of BPD.

Mara's attorney Fred Gagliardini held a public conference at noon on Tuesday with Mara to discuss Mara's involvement and looming indictment.

Mara issued a formal apology for his actions and said, "I should've said no when I said yes."


Through plea deal documents, a partner was identified as helping Diaz investigate a vehicle in 2012 where approximately 10 pound of meth was found. The documents show that only one pound of meth was put into evidence by Diaz, and the other nine pounds were sold by Diaz and his partner for personal gain.
In an article released Friday, The Californian reported that Mara retired on May 13th and that he was Diaz's partner in 2012. 
Five other BPD officers have been on administrative leave after being named by Diaz during his investigation but Bakersfield Police chief Greg Williamson said they will not face federal charges. 
Diaz, whose life story was portrayed in the Disney film "McFarland USA", was put on administrative leave in February of 2015 after a suspect in a narcotics case told police there was possible police corruption. Diaz was indicted on 16 counts in November.
A plea deal became public on Thursday for three counts: bribery, possession of meth with intent to sell and filing a false tax return.