Former Kern County Deputy takes plea deal in theft case

KERN COUNTY, Calif. - A former Kern County Sheriff's Deputy, accused of stealing money from people while on duty took a plea deal Wednesday. 

Former deputy Edward Bermudez was arrested last year following an investigation stemming from reports of theft during calls.

Documents reveal that the first complaint was made back in February of 2017 when a person reported that a deputy stole $2,600 from him during an arrest. In the same documents, another report was made in April when a person reported Bermudez took more than $500. 

Investigators say they also conducted an "integrity check" on the deputy using undercover officers. They turned in a purse with $1,000 in it. They say the purse never made it to the evidence locker. 

Wednesday, Bermudez pleaded no contest to grand theft charges and is expected to be sentenced on November 29. 



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