Former Tehachapi Police officer claims he was wrongfully terminated, seeks community support

Posted at 4:33 PM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 02:14:23-05

A former officer with the Tehachapi Police Department is looking for community support after he claims he was wrongfully terminated.

Peter Graff claims he was fired from the department for being a whistleblower, and decided to take his complaints to the Tehachapi City Council meeting Monday night.

Around six years ago, Graff and another officer made complaints about a Tehachapi police sergeant, saying the sergeant was putting hours on his timecard he wasn't working.

According to Graff, he faced repercussions the rest of his time at the department.

He also went before a grand jury a year and a half ago to talk about supposed age discrimination within the department. He was also asked about some staff members' use of sexual comments, as well as racial slurs when talking about citizens.

Graff was placed on administrative leave in January and fired in November after almost nine years on the force. He claims it was because he was a whistleblower.

"You come up with these false allegations, and you go after a police officer for telling the truth, that’s what I did, I told the truth.," Graff said.

Graff specifically called out Tehachapi Police Chief Ken Kroeger and City Manager Greg Garrett as the two behind his supposed wrongful termination. He is calling for their suspension and an investigation into Graff's termination.

The Tehachapi Police Department did not call back when contacted for comment. Garrett's office said that they do not comment on personell issues.

Graff, along with many community supporters, took his complaints to the Tehachapi City Council meeting Monday night. A formal hearing for Graff will be arranged at a later date.

There is a petition online for Officer Peter Graff with his full story.