District Attorney chooses to not file criminal charges in Ridgecrest homicide

No arrests made in 2017 homicide

RIDGECREST, Calif. - UPDATE (April 04, 2018 9:45 p.m.): The District Attorney has decided to not file any criminal charges in the homicide of Malik Mallet. 

The District Attorney said it was self-defense, and believed they would be unable convince a jury to convict someone. 

District Attorney Lisa Green said she went to Ridgecrest herself to let the family know of the decision. 

Friends and family of Malik Mallett gathered in Ridgecrest on Sunday, March 18th to raise awareness about a homicide that's yielded no arrests.

Mallett was fatally stabbed at a party in Ridgecrest on July 30, 2017. People were detained at the scene, but an arrest was never officially made.

Mallett's family and friends held a peaceful rally on China Lake Boulevard on March 18th, which would have been Mallett's 22nd birthday. On Facebook, Mallett's mother said their goal was to "celebrate Malik’s memory and spotlight what we feel is a failure in our justice system."

The group held a follow-up rally on Friday, March 23 at Ridgecrest City Hall.

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