Ghost of a woman haunts Browning Road in Delano

Posted at 10:31 AM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 13:31:12-04

This is a story from beyond the grave.  Residents in Delano have said there is a woman who haunts Browning Rd. in Delano,CA about 30 mins from Bakersfield.  Some have seen her on the road and moments later vanish.

Some people have also said they have gotten weird feelings while traveling on the road at night. She is called the "Browning Road Lady" as the legend says.  

Here is one story from a traveler off of Weird California...

"Another story tells of how his car's lights flickered on and off before she appeared in his rear view mirror in the backseat. Then just as suddenly she disappeared only to appear right in front of his car as he drove down the road. He went right through her. And yet another traveler heard screaming as he made his way down Browning Road, only to see the lady standing on the side of the road yelling, only no noise was coming from her open mouth and the lady was just staring at him."

There is a legend that says she is trying to find love after she died before she got married in Mcfarland.  She will not cross Elmo Road into McFarland because of her death.  This is why she haunts Browning Rd, waiting on her true love to rescue her from her haunting.

23ABC's Adam Bowles went on a ghost hunt with Delano residents to find out who this woman is and to see if he could catch her on video. Full story on Facebookand our website.