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Gov. Gavin Newsom issues statewide stay at home order, requires Californians to stay home

Gov. Gavin Newsom issues statewide stay at home order, requires Californians to stay home
Posted at 11:58 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 03:01:34-04

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. — Some aisles are empty in Albertsons Grocery as shoppers showed up searching for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other essential items.

Many shoppers made their way after hearing Governor Gavin Newsom's order requiring all Californians to stay at home until further notice.

“We direct a statewide order for people to stay at home that directive goes into effect this evening,” said Newsom. “We are confident that the people of California will abide by it.”

In a letter to the president, Newsom said California health officials predict that 56 percent of California's population will contract the virus in the next eight weeks.

Newsom says there is hope if the public acts accordingly.

“I don't believe that Californians need to be told through law enforcement that it’s appropriate to home isolate to protect themselves,” said Newsom.

Some shoppers say this is a necessary move by the governor.

“We were trying to get our stuff before we go on lockdown,” said Andrea Harrison, a shopper.

The order is requiring the shutdown of all non-essential businesses. Essential businesses that will remain open, include grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and laundromats.

Other shoppers say that the order should not require everyone to follow it.

“To me, this is just another flu,” said Joshua Allas, a shopper. "I say for weaker immune systems they should stay inside or if you live with someone with a weak immune system you shouldn't go out."

Essential state and local government functions will also remain open, including law enforcement and offices that provide government programs and services.