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Gubernatorial candidate John Cox visits Bakersfield

Posted at 9:50 PM, Nov 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-04 00:50:15-04

California Gubernatorial candidate John Cox stopped by Bakersfield on Saturday in his final push toward Governor.


Stepping off his bus, he greeted his fellow republican candidates and members of the community. He promised them that help is on the way.


“I think the people of the state desperately want change. I represent change. I’ve been in the business work for 40 years and have gotten results,” said Cox. “My opponent is a career politician. He’s from the Bay Area and look at what San Francisco has become.”


Cox is running against Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom who stopped by Bakersfield earlier this week to also voice his concerns.


“The number one issue in this state is housing, affordability [and] cost of housing. I hear about it everywhere I go,” said Newsom. “Number two is the issue of health care and it’s a related issue because its affordability and the anxiety [people] have on their healthcare. And homelessness.”


Cox also touched on those issues Saturday as well as his effort to “hold Sacramento accountable.”


“They’re misbehaving. There’s a whole lot of them who have problems. I think we need to make sure that they’re hold accountable and [we] have a check on what they’re doing,” said Cox.


He spent the day also stumping for Assemblyman Vince Fong and 32nd Assembly District candidate Justin Mendes.


Cox says he is feeling good going into Tuesday. He believes he left an impact on California during his bus tour.


“I’m feeling very optimistic. I really do. I think the people, when they go into that voting booth, they’re going to say, ‘who’s going to shake things up. Who’s going to change what’s happening in this state,’” said Cox.


Cox will head to Fresno, Modesto and Sacramento this week.


The midterm election is this Tuesday.