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Halloween will look a bit different this year, public health against door to door trick or treating

Posted at 6:19 PM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 10:42:26-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The pandemic has changed so much, including how many will celebrate Halloween. The Kern County Public Health Department has a few recommendations to make sure everyone is safe from COVID-19.

Trick or treating is going to look a little different this year if everyone follows those public health recommendations, knocking on doors for some candy isn't one of them.

"Traditional trick or treating is the most at-risk, high-risk, activity. You know you are going into people's door areas, you're collecting, you're getting candy," said Michelle Corson, Kern County Public Health Department

Don't be scared for your sweet tooth, however, Corson says to collect the candy you want and save some for your parents, but do it in a way people are not close together.

Corson says, "Take it outside of your house. So to move into the yard and hand out candy in your yard rather than in your doorway and even things like putting out candy or treat bags on a table so that little trick-or-treaters can come by maintaining social distancing can come by and pick up those treats."

While doing so, Corson recommends parents have hand sanitizer, keep masks on everyone, and socially distance.

But it's still unclear just how many families are going to participate in this year's festivities.

In one Northwest Bakersfield neighborhood, with just a few days away from Halloween, the majority of the lawns are missing some decorations.

"You would see decorations at every house, all sorts of decorations, spooky haunted houses," said Mark Young, a resident.

Desiree Diaz and her family say they aren't skipping out on the festivities but will follow public health guidance.

"We have a few kids living here and they really want to still do something, so we are going to the same thing. We're going to be out in the front yard, still being socially distanced with a mask just because it would really suck to skip it totally," said Diaz.

Corson said, "We want to be careful Kern County, we're doing awesome and we want to continue."

Now public health says they won't be going neighborhood to neighborhood to make sure these recommendations are followed, but they did say that if they hear of any large event that doesn't follow public health guidelines they will reach out and pass along their recommendations.