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High school students made video to fight human trafficking

Video inspired by new California law
Posted at 6:00 PM, Feb 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-14 21:11:46-05

There's a new plan to combat human trafficking.

On Wednesday morning, California's Attorney General announcing a new law, focusing on education and training against human trafficking in local schools. Wednesday evening, a local group of high school students presented their video they made inspired by the new law.

Noe Garcia is one of eight high school students from eight Kern High Schools District schools who made the video. When he thinks of human trafficking he has this question, “How can people be this horrible to other people?” said Garcia.

Garcia says Kern High Schools will use the video as an educational tool throughout the district.

“Right now in health classes and school it isn’t really publicized or talked about a lot because it is a kind of a sensitive topic. But we thought, go for the sensitive topic and go for something that’s going to make an impact,” said Garcia

Wednesday morning the California Attorney, General Xavier Becerra, announced California is requiring middle schools and high schools to educate and train their students and staff on what to look for, how to prevent human trafficking and where to get help.

Jason Spencer, who works for California's Department of Education, said, “Prevention education also helps avoid the downstream mental health impacts, chronic absenteeism and other challenges that a student faces as a result of becoming a victim of this type of modern day slavery.”

For students who made this video, like Garcia, he says he hates seeing human trafficking happen around the world and especially here in Bakersfield. And that’s driving these students to action.

“Spread awareness to everyone to everything. I just want to hopefully end human trafficking, even if it’s in one person. That’ll make the difference to that one person,” said Garcia.

Garcia said the students will make a similar presentation on March 15th to the KHSD's vice principals.