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High-speed chase starts in Kern County

Chase reached over 90 mph
Posted at 10:06 AM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 13:07:37-04

LANCASTER, Calif. (KERO) — It was like something out of a movie. A high-speed chase, an armed kidnapping suspect, law enforcement cars crashing. And it all started right here in Kern County.

The pursuit started in Lancaster and reached over 90 miles per hour. According to reports, the driver was armed.

And then on surface streets in Palmdale, another driver failed to see the pursuit and smashed into a CHP patrol car.

A few minutes later it appeared officers had the driver cornered in a cul de sac but the driver smashed his way out and the chase was back on.

"The suspect car ran into the mailboxes and the car over there but it flipped around and was able to come out but the sheriff's car wouldn't start," said one witness.

A witness in the neighborhood says that the deputy appeared to be okay.

The driver then foot bailed at a large apartment complex with deputies and CHP officers in hot pursuit but he made it inside and disappeared. It was later revealed that it was his mother's home.

"We know suspect has been walking back and forth into the apartment and back out on the balcony. He had been on the phone with sheriff's deputies, and we heard that they understand that he's not only armed with a shotgun, but they also spotted a handgun basically hanging out the back of his waistband," said authorities.

Negotiators tried to talk to the suspect for half an hour and then suddenly someone climbed down the balcony and surrendered. It seemed like the standoff had come to a peaceful end. But deputies said that person was just a friend or acquaintance of the suspect and that the suspect remained inside the apartment with his mother.

She reportedly left the apartment and closed the door behind her just before 9 pm. confirming to deputies her son was the only person inside.

The suspect was taken into custody at about 12:30 Friday morning. His identity hasn't been released yet.