Highland's Faith Menendez playing for more than wins and losses; earns athlete of the week honors

Posted at 4:18 PM, Oct 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-14 18:20:36-04

This season the Scots numbers have looked good.

Of course the number zero, as in their league losses, but then there's the assists being put up by senior setter Faith Menendez.

Menendez had 34 assists and 6 serve aces in a 3-1 win versus North.

"it's just really empowering, you know you helped them get that achievement,” Menendez said.

In this week's win against North, she set up 34 kills, but that wasn't even the most she's had this season.

"One game I had 40 assists,” she said.

Third-year coach Melanie Gibson said that setting role Faith has for the Scots is vital to whether they win or lose.

"It's kind of like the quarterback. You have to be able to run a team and know who's on and who's off,” Melani Gibson said.

While Faith's been “on” all season, she said it's thanks to the support she's been getting from the stands.

"Every single one, even the road games, every tournament, every game,” Menendez said.

And her mom's cheers mean even more this year.

Diagnosed with breast cancer last December, she's been cancer free the last six months. 

"When I see her out there I play for her to be proud of me. She could be having a bad day. If I get a good set it could help her have a better day,” Menendez said.

It's behind that mentality and spirit that this Highland captain is hoping to lead the Scots to a third straight league title.

She said the closeness of the team will help get them there.

"We're all together from the very beginning,” she said.