Historic 24th Street home gets relocated to Bay Street

Posted at 6:38 PM, May 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 21:39:27-04

The 24th Street Widening Project hit a major milestone Tuesday and a piece of Bakersfield History got a new home. 

Most of the north side of 24th Street is now almost completely empty and the historic home that was the last one standing on the north side was relocated Tuesday. 

However, the home didn't go far. It was simply turned 90 degrees to now face Bay Street. 

“Just an asset, it’s just an asset to our street now," said Mary Stanley. Stanley's family has owned a home on Bay St. since the 1950's. 

She was one of many who stood around and watch as crews worked most of the day to turn the colonial-style home from 24th St. to Bay St. 

“It’s a beautiful well-taken care of house," said Stanley.

 The home faced 24th St. for 95 years and served as a speakeasy during prohibition. 

Stanley said there's a long line of history connected to that home. 

The home barely escaped the wrecking ball earlier this year as homes along the north side of 24th street were being demolished to make room to add more traffic lanes. 

BBA Construction eventually bought the home at an auction. 

“It would’ve actually been another demo just like all the rest of the houses," said Benny Castillo, the new owner. 

He said he was thankful the community spoke up because otherwise he would've never purchased the home. 

He said he can't wait to start renovating it and added he hopes to preserve most of the home's historic nature. 

"We're just going to relocate some stuff and add some things and it's going to be beautiful," said Castillo. 

The eager neighbors who were standing nearby and snapping pictures said they're happy to see a piece of history officially move into their neighborhood.  

"The fact that they could take the time and spend the money to move the house and turn facing Bay Street, I think it's going to be a real asset to our neighborhood. I do." said 

Crews were done moving the home Tuesday by 4:00 in the afternoon. Castillo said crews will be back out tomorrow to put the final touches and then crews will start pouring concrete.

Castillo hopes to have the home fully renovated within the next four months.