How the burglar stole Christmas

Posted at 11:55 AM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 14:55:28-05

A single mother of four is trying to figure out how to make Christmas special for her children after a burglar stole most of their presents.

Jasmine Berumen moved to Bakersfield for more affordable living, she was a student in Sociology before she had to drop out to provide for her children.

Now after spending months working for Christmas presents, a burglar took most everything. Berumen said she came home after work to find her home ransacked and the expensive toys, like a tablet and money from cards ripped out of their wrapping.

Berumen has a 9-month-old, and three boys who are four, ten and twelve years-old. She said most of what's left were baby toys.

"My older two already lost their dad, in between their birthdays two years ago, so I'm trying to make up- be the mom and the dad for all my kids right now and for them to come in and take from little kids like that who already have nothing, is just completely disgusting," Berumen said.

Berumen lives in East Bakersfield and the burglar had to go through a gate, and past a big red "No Trespassing" sign to get into the small living space.

Now Berumen hopes her case with the Kern County Sheriff's Office comes through. Her mother created a Go Fund Meto help her as well.