How to be ready in case of an attack on campus

Posted at 11:21 PM, Nov 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 02:21:29-05

After yet another attack on a school campus, local campuses are using it as a reminder to always be ready.

But how do you prepare for an unexpected attack?

Cal State Bakersfield has almost 10 thousand students. Police chief Marty Williamson says his officers constantly train for an event like the one that happened at Ohio State.

“Our response time for priority calls out here is 90 seconds. 90 seconds to two minutes. Which means most of the time you're going to engage an active shooter and disrupt them, that is our hope,” said Williamson.

Chief Williamson says CSUB officers train at least twice a year. They watch presentations and also do tactical training.

The students and staff are also invited to active shooter trainings. The training teaches the run, hid and fight tactic; run to safety if you can or hide and be prepared to fight your attacker to survive.

“We just break it down a little bit more and we go into those things, and a lot of it's from lessons learned unfortunately from other tragedies across the nation,” said Williamson.

Preparation that Williamson says is key to surviving a lone wolf attack.

“You play how you practice, and you can't just train once and expect to be on your game, so part of that comes from teamwork and part it comes tactics, part of it becomes communication,” said Williamson.

CSUB does have a similar alert system like the one used at Ohio State. In the event of an emergency, students and staff will receive a phone call, text and email with information about the emergency.