Hustler Hollywood location raising concerns

Posted at 10:45 PM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-11 17:55:49-05

With bold letters and bright signs - it's no secret that Hustler Hollywood is almost ready to open its doors.

But the location is getting some mixed reaction.

"Bakersfield is a very conservative community and something like that. There's just really not a place for it," said Tony Galvazan, who is against the store.

But Jerry Smith doesn't see a problem with it, "I really don't mind. It's not my problem."

"I was kind of freaked out because my daughter noticed it and she's 16," said Tiffany Sagbohan, who is against the stores location. 

The adult store sits on a corner of East Ming Avenue, near South Real Road and the 99 freeway.

It's across the street from a Chuck E. Cheese and a Toy-R-Us -- and that has some parents on edge.

"You got an elementary school down the street, there's one not too far from here. You got Chuck E. Cheese down here for God sake, where all the parents come bring their kids," said Sagbohan.

"If it wasn't so close to my house and my kids didn't have to see the billboard and we didn't have to drive by it all day every day, I guess it wouldn't be a problem," said concerned parent, Bridget Certa.

But Philip Del Rio, VP of retail for Hustler Hollywood stores said they're used to hearing about people being opposed to the store whenever they open a new location, "the first week or two, parents are very anxious and concerned. And by the time that we open, we don't hear anything at all."

To ease their worries, Del Rio said they won't be displaying anything inappropriate.

"We're not going to be putting any pornographic materials in our windows - that's not something that we do. Most of the time our mannequins and window dressing involved lingerie  or bathing suits."

He said the company has done demographic research on the city and found Bakersfield has a need for what it has to offer.

"Most of the store is actually, lingerie, apparel, shoes, accessories," said Del Rio.

Meanwhile, locals said the business is welcome, but they should've thought twice about where to set up shop.

"They put a store up, that's what they do. Make money. If people go, they go. If they don't, it's going to shut down and move somewhere else, that's how it goes," said Smith.

"There's sort of a big thing sticking out right there on the freeway. It should probably be zoned in another area," said Galvazan.


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