Opening of Hustler Hollywood draws attention

Posted at 12:36 AM, Mar 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-27 11:04:01-04

Adult retailer Hustler opened its doors on Ming Avenue today, bringing out customers, a picketer and founder Larry Flynt.

With the grand opening of Hustler Hollywood happening today the message from everyone was the same, we all have a right to do what we want until it impedes on our given rights.

Whether they were there for the food and drinks or to voice their opinion about a store of this nature, the sides were clearly defined.

But with today's the grand opening protester Jim Fortson believes adult retail stores do more harm than good while exotic dance Angie Felchlin does not.

“We need to look at this place as though it was a broken sewer line, spewing it's filth out on the street,” said Fortson. Do we want this as the voice of Bakersfield? Do want this type of establishment to set the standard by which we're going to live by? Those questions really need to be pondered and asked.

While others say it's just who you are and what you believe.

“This is available because I'm not the only one interested in this,” said Felchlin. I think everybody's different, and there's different wants and needs that everybody has and so it like that's that guys personality. I have a different one than he does.”

But as a special appearance today Larry Flynt may have said it best.

“Free expression is what this country is all about. And everybody’s got their own point of view,” said Flynt.

As a strong supporter of the first amendment, many including Flynt were happy to see the peaceful protest.

Saying that freedom tolerates and we all have to tolerate for freedom.

“There's a reason why we have freedom, to do certain things and it's what we do with it,” said Felchlin.

“And I just felt like, you know there's, I can't just sit back anymore. If it's just a feeble attempt to get my word out there, then so be it,” said Fortson.

Flynt also said that with their new location now officially open, more visits may be in store.