Woman's body pulled from the grave to determine if death was murder or suicide

Woman's body exhumed to determine if murdered
Posted at 5:50 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 18:08:46-04

Alexandra Perry was found dead in a garage in Lake Isabella in 2014.

It was determined that she died of an apparent suicide after police found her hanging from the ceiling. 

But a search warrant obtained by 23ABC shows that Perry's mother, Kelly Canales, and other family and friends told investigators that Perry was murdered.

A few weeks ago, Perry's body was exhumed to examine the body for signs of possible homicide. After digging up the body, Kern County Sheriff's Office again determined that Perry committed suicide.

23ABC then reached out to Canales, who is still convinced that Perry was killed.

Canales says that before she died, Perry married a man two months after breaking up with the man's brother. She added that the man Perry married had an alleged gay lover. After Perry and the man married, Perry started to receive threats from the lover.

"She told me two weeks before she passed away, that if something ever happened to her, that this person was the one who did it," said Canales. 

The search warrant shows that a man who told investigators that he had previously a relationship with the lover said the lover of Perry's husband told him that the he strangled Perry and then made it look like she had committed suicide. 

The man also told authorities that Perry got married because in order to receive a $2 million inheritance from her grandfather, she needed to be married.

Canales could not confirm whether that condition was true, but did say that her daughter inherited about $5 million from her grandfather.

She believes her daughter was killed for the money and says if an autopsy had been done the night of her death, instead of two years later, they might be able to determine that she was killed. 

*23ABC has chosen to not share the names of certain people from the search warrant because they have not been charged with any criminal charges.