KCSO says a contract with fair organizers has a set amount of deputies working as security at all ti

Posted at 11:32 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 02:32:04-04

Food, rides and concerts, all part of the great Kern County Fair

But with cuts to the sheriff's department, thoughts of public safety at such a big event have become a concern.

Something Lieutenant James Morrison says people don’t need to worry about.

“The fair security doesn't impact us or the sheriff's office,” said Morrison.

Reassuring people that a contracted agreement between the sheriff's department and fair organizers has them there to do their job.

“There'll be a strong, visible presence of law enforcement officers at the fair maintaining the peace and making sure everybody has a good time,” said Morrison.

A thought long time fair goer and Kiwanis member John Stephenson says he's never worried about.

“Everything has been just normal. Whether you're on a ride, when you're going through the booth area or whether you're sitting down having pizza,” said Stephenson.

Lieutenant Morrison saying the number of on duty deputies will remain the same as years past especially in high traffic areas, with most deputies patrolling in pairs.

“We have reserve deputies, deputies and then the gang unit is also assigned to the fair. And in several years past it's been a peaceful fair, haven't had any issues. So we're going to continue that practice,” said Morrison.

Also including that the amount of regular patrol deputies in the county is not being affected.

“The shift we are covering at the fair do not impact or pull from the patrol shifts and that's still going to continue with them handling calls for service,” said Morrison.

And as always if you see something suspicious or feel unsafe at the fair, deputies say flag them down or call 911.