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Keeping fair food safe and kitchens clean

Public Health Department inspects vendors
Posted at 12:02 AM, Sep 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-20 03:02:02-04

It’s not a fair without all the delicious sweets and deep-fried foods. Before anyone can take a bite, each vendor has to pass a health inspection check. 

This year, there are 90 different food vendors offering everything from tri-tip to fried Oreos, and there will be around 188 inspection checks. Some vendors will receive up to three examinations, during the length of the fair because they are serving meats or foods that are more at-risk if the temperature in the refrigerator is different. 

 “We’re making sure that the hot foods stay hot, the cold foods stay cold, and that the operator has the materials to clean and sanitized their hands and services. In short, we say, hot, cold, clean," said Abdo Korin an environmental health specialist at the Kern County Public Health Department. 

Martin’s Stand gave 23ABC a behind-the-scenes look of their inspection, and they passed with flying colors. Martin’s Stand was founded in 1948 by Nick Martin’s grandfather, and they’re celebrating their 70th anniversary at the fair.

“I’ve been here I’m sure serving food and working the register ever since I was five. It’s where I learned math,” said Martin.

Once the vendors pass their inspection, they are given a permit. Martin, owner and partner of Martin’s Stand near the Main Stage at the fair, says he not only values his food but the families he serves. 

“I don’t think as consumers we often see the safety behind it, but there is a great deal of safety and that’s the reason for it. Your children and kids, that’s what they eat,” said Martin.