Kern County Animal Services Aiming to Cut Down on Animal Surrenders

"Happy At Home" Program unveiling on Monday
Posted at 6:39 PM, Sep 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 14:09:42-04

Kern County animal services is aiming to achieve “No Kill” status by 2020, and part of that goal will be to provide information and services to the public. Right now, the office of Kern County Animal Services is able to save about 67% of the animals that come to them, and they’re shooting to make that over 90% with help from the “Happy At Home” program.

Since January 1st 2016, nearly 1,200 have been surrendered to the shelter, averaging about 4 each day.  And these are animals were not adopted from Kern Co. Animal Services, but animals previously owned and some issues arise (medical issue in family, forced to move). That’s where “Happy at Home” comes in…

Many animal owners are likely to keep their pet if they can overcome the obstacle that is causing them to consider surrender it. Director of Kern County Animal Services’ Nick Cullen says “sometimes things come up, maybe there’s a medical issue in the family, maybe they’re being forced to move for some reason and they have no other choice but to surrender the animal to an animal shelter, and that’s why we’re here. But at the same time, if there’s a simple solution we can provide to somebody that’ll allow them to avoid surrendering the animal to the shelter, I’m sure that we would take advantage of that”.

Crystal Stuckhoff is a Foster Mom with the Kern County Animal Services and has fostered 18 animals in the past, giving them time to be raised properly before they're able to find their forever home. She says this program will be extremely helpful as a resource, "some people just don't realize how many sources they have, and this is an additional program and resource, helping them keep their animal" 

As the animal services unit, they preach RESPONSIBLE pet ownership which includes to make sure the following:

-       Have pets spade and neutered

-       Have pet licensed

-       Up to date on vaccinations

-       Ensure their animal is well behaved in the public

The Kern County Animal Services has their main location in Bakersfield, and 2 satellite shelters in Lake Isabella and Mojave. They service all unincorporated areas of Kern County. There are additional shelter locations, with all information on the link on “What to do when you’ve lost your pet” link.

The “Happy at Home” program will be available to the public in need of assistance to avert pet relinquishment at:

-       661-868-7145


-       All requests will receive a response within 3 business days