Kern County Animal services honors volunteer

Posted at 3:41 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 18:52:13-05

Kern County Animal Services released this following statement: 

Kern County Animal Services is celebrating one of its most experienced volunteers. Rhonda Montgomery has been a volunteer with Kern County Animal Services since June of 2014. Rhonda has been a part of a remarkable volunteer program that boasted single digit members only 2 years ago, and now boasts over 150! 

“I have had no regrets since becoming a volunteer and have had an awesome experience,” stated Rhonda, who now maintains the title of Volunteer Ambassador. “It’s a great feeling assisting and promoting the adoptability of these animals.”

Rhonda has worked her way into more responsibility, and now has been tasked with training and welcoming new volunteers. She currently averages over 45 hours per month, and is also a puppy specialist, making sure the youngest and most vulnerable shelter animals are provided a warm, loving space, and that they are given quality time too.

“It is such a major part of our efforts to promote responsible pet ownership, but also equally important that the members of this community that really want to help be a part of a growing movement in Kern County are welcomed to do so, and this is why volunteering at the shelter has never been easier or more rewarding. Rhonda is a shining example of someone who recognized that there was a problem in her community, and decided to do something about it,” stated Nick Cullen, Director of Kern County Animal Services.

The volunteer program at Kern County Animal Services is always looking for individuals that have a desire to assist animals in need; provide services to the community and, educate the public regarding the requirements for licensing a dog, the importance of spaying/neutering pets and vaccinations for pets.

For more information on joining Animal Services Volunteer Program, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator Jeff George at 661-868-7130 or email

Applications can be obtained at the Bakersfield location of the Kern County Animal Shelter during normal business hours, or downloaded here