Kern County Animal Services offers programs to help locate your pet if they escape 4th of July

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 01:54:48-04
The Kern County Animal Services shelter is at full capacity heading into the 4th of July weekend.
With fireworks going off, many pets may run away. But, they say they are required to take in any pets they find on the street this holiday weekend.  23ABC's Adam Bowles has safety advice and what you can do if you lose your best friend.
First, KCAS says you should go to your local animal shelter first to search the kennels to see if your pet is there.  If not, advertise on social media.  Post your pets information and photo on Facebook and Craigslist.  KCAS has a team that searches these websites to see if one of their animals has a match to the description.
Pets are easily scared of loud noises like fireworks, screaming, and even music, and they will try everything they can to escape the noise!  Be sure you are well prepared before the holiday starts to make sure your pet is secured in your home or backyard.