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Kern Dance Alliance gives back through dance

Posted at 1:55 AM, Nov 15, 2018

Wednesday night the Kern Dance Alliancehad its fourth annual Children's Dance Education and Outreach event benefiting local children and giving them the opportunity to visit Kern County's Fox Theater and enjoy many dance performances.  

"One hundred children from Garden Path Ways, the Jameson Center, CASA, Boys and Girls Club all participating the event for the love and joy of dance," said Kern Dance Alliance president Andrea Hansen. 

The night was not only special for the audience it was also unique for the ADAPTIdance group. A group that consists of 40 children who have disabilities, giving them the opportunity to shine on stage. 

They participated thanks to a partnership with League of Dreams among the many organizations that were a part of the night.

Allowing children like 7-year-old Brooke Galindo, who has autism, to take center stage and perform for the first time!

Brook's mom saying it's a heartwarming experience to see her daughter perform full of joy. 

If you would like to know more about Kern Dance Alliance you can visit their website or their Facebook page

If you have a child who has a disability and would like them to be involved in sports or dance within the community, you can visit the League of Dreams website or their Facebook page