KHSD PD launches traffic enforcement program to keep students safe

Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-06 21:23:20-04

Dangerous driving near schools has prompted The Kern High School District to try something new to help slow down traffic in school zones.

“The traffic is really bad, like we almost got hit by a car the other day,” said Andrew Mendoza, a BHS student.

 “I was actually just trying to cross the street one time and I nearly got hit, they wouldn’t even slow down,” said Jared Reyes, a BHS student.

And slowing down is the problem. This school year, the KHSD Police Department is trying something new.

“We are going to do what we can to make it safer for the students and staff when they come and leave school,” said Ed Komin, the KHSD Police Chief.

They have launched a traffic enforcement program to make drivers abide by traffic laws in school zones. Students at BHS and West High agree that people drive too fast.

“People are such in a rush to get somewhere but don’t even consider they may hit a kid. I mean we are kids, we have lives to live, and none of us really want to get hurt,” Reyes said.

The district has officers set up outside of campus, before and after school, with a hand-held LIDAR gun to enforce speed laws. In two weeks, there will be speed warning trailers implemented outside of some schools to warn drivers just how fast they are going.

“It’s a good deterrent, it gets people to slow down,” Komin said.

KHSD just started this a few weeks ago, and have already seen a positive reaction from the community.

“This morning we were on New Stine near West High School and we got quite a few positive thumbs up from folks. They were waving at us, so it has been overwhelmingly positive,” Komin said.


KHSD hopes drivers will abide by traffic laws in school zones and help keep the students and staff safe.