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La Rosa Market closed due to health violations

Received a 55% health score
Posted: 9:36 AM, Aug 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-17 16:36:24Z

La Rosa Market is closed after failing a Department of Health safety inspection. The market is located at 700 Irene Street in East Bakersfield. 

The Department of Health stated they found food stored in containers that were not leak or rodent proof. Food stored in the freezers was not stored correctly; chicken was stored above beef which was above the seafood. To-Go containers were also store incorrectly below meat.

Signs of rodents, insects and vermin we found inside La Rosa Market. The Department of Health stated they found rodent droppings were found on shelves with items for sale, in the back storage room and in other cabinets. Bees and flies were seen flying into the market through the front door. And the front door did not close properly to prevent other rodents, insects or vermin from coming inside.

There were also sanitation violations found by the Department of Health. They stated the sink near the meat department didn't have soap, while the restrooms didn't have hand towels. Debris was found on the walls of the meat preparation room and in the corner of the meat display.

The Department of Health stated La Rosa Market should have pest control come to their business within 24 hour of the inspection.