Lamont shooter, killing father and son set to appear in court

Lamont shooter, set to appear in court
Posted at 5:56 AM, Oct 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 08:56:21-04

The Kern county sheriff's department has confirmed the suspect they have arrested on Friday as 22-year-old Darnell Hammond.

These as two other suspects remain at large.

Hammond is due in court today and is being charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

He was arrested in connection to the shooting deaths of Heriberto and Juan Acevez at the Quality gas station in Lamont Friday morning.

The Acevez family took over the gas station about 11 years ago and was about 2 weeks away from turning over the keys, after selling it.

Many in the community still can’t believe that this happened, bringing flowers and candles in support.

The Kern county sheriff's department continues to investigate this shooting and looking for 2 other suspects in connection to this shooting.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call police. 

Of course we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest on Hammond and the investigation into this shooting.