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Local impacts of repealing the state gas tax

Posted at 5:49 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 20:49:01-04

Voters have the choice to repeal Senate Bill 1, a transportation-funding plan that raised the state tax and car taxes. 

Supports of the bill say it will immediately decrease the price of gas, but Caltrans officials say cutting those prices at the pump means funding for local maintenance projects will be impacted. 

If Proposition 6 is passed, $5.1 billion in annual funding will be eliminated. Caltrans Public Information Officer Christian Lukens says that projects under SB 1 would be impacted immediately. 

"They would go into a period of reevaluation and they would be subject to delay, deletion or down sizing in scope," said Lukens. 

According to the government website 'Rebuilding California' there are 252 projects in Kern County being invested in with revenue coming from SB 1.

All those projects would be subject to reevaluation if Proposition 6 is passed. 

"They mostly deal with bridge repair, there is a lot of stripping that is being done, a lot of pavement rehabilitation is what a lot of these projects, especially Kern County, have focused on and those are the ones that SB 1 has allowed to push forward over the past year," said Lukens.