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Local kid competes in American Ninja Warrior Junior

Posted at 9:06 PM, Nov 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-11 02:22:12-05

American Ninja Warrior Junior made its debut this October and one local boy, Brycen Tablit will be taking on the iconic obstacle course. 

“I felt so happy. I made it out of a bunch of other kids and I pushed myself to go higher then the rest," said Brycen Tablit. 

Twelve-year-old Tablit was one of 200 Ninja Warriors to make the cut, out of 6,500 kids.

“We started sending in videos of me doing push-ups, pull ups, running, doing flips, crazy stunts,” said Tablit. 

Tablit's father says it was an intense try-out, but worth it. 

“It’s awesome. America has a lot of athletes and for your kid to go on and tell his story, and be able to share what his gifts are, his natural gifts. He’s physically gifted, athletically," said Ian Tablit. 

Standing 5-foot-tall, Brycen plays football, runs track and field, as well as wrestles. 

“He’s always had that knack for trying stuff and being resilient," said Ian. "Even though he’s little. He’s kind of a little guy compared to a lot of people his own age. He always had to work harder, he tries to do more push-ups, workouts.”

Brycen will compete head-to-head with other Ninja Warrior from around the country this season. 

"I'm not allowed to say anything. You’re just going to have to watch the show on Universal Kids, USA Network, Hulu or Amazon Prime," said Tablit. 

There are three age brackets. Brycen will compete with the eleven and twelve-year-olds. There will be one winner in each bracket.