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Local nurse practitioner warns of second, third degree child burns after Bakersfield daycare cited

Posted at 5:28 PM, Jun 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-19 21:41:16-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A local Bakersfield family nurse practitioner Jesus Macan says first, second and third degree burns are more common among young children than adults, especially during this time of year.

"In any case it's always best to wear protective footwear even just a slippers," Macan said.

According to the CDSS or California Department of Social Services that was not the case at St. Pauls Child Development Center two weeks ago, on June 5.

Officials say a child ran outside of the infant center barefoot to the rubber padded playground area and suffered second degree burns on her feet, while teachers were preparing children for water play activities.

"So second degree burns that one should still be treated by a medical professional itself, if it's gone through the skin definitely we have to put another protective layer on their," Macan explained.

Following the burn incident, social services issued a "type A" citation to the infant facility, which is considered a serious violation.

Social services says because St. Paul's has received 13 citations since 2015 and is displaying a pattern they are going to continue to investigate the facility. They say it's not a great idea to take children out during peak temperatures of the day, and Macan agrees.

"Any degree over 100 degrees is already considered dangerous," Macan added.

Social services told 23ABC that staff should have adjusted their play time schedule based off the heat to avoid putting children at risk, and Macan says parents should as well.

"Children's skin is very sensitive, it's not fully developed," he added.

St. Paul's says they take child safety very seriously, they contacted the infants parent's immediately and the issue has since been resolved.

St. Paul also emailed 23ABC a full statement regarding the incident stating:

"St. Paul’s and the CDC are deeply committed to the health and safety of all children in its care. Any incidents involving a child’s safety or well-being are taken very seriously by the CDC staff, parish leadership, and the Diocese. When the subject incident occurred, St. Paul’s CDC staff immediately contacted the parents of the injured child and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). The CDSS promptly investigated the incident, visited the site and interviewed the school staff. After the completion of the investigation, the CDSS issued a Facility Evaluation Report, which included required corrective action. The corrective action has been fully implemented by the school staff. A copy of the Facility Evaluation Report is located at the school for review by parents and the public. St. Paul’s and CDC have reached out to the family and are praying and hoping for the child’s speedy recovery and return to the preschool."