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Local twins named Luke and Leia

Mark Hamill gives a shout out on Twitter
Posted at 8:26 AM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 09:35:08-04

In a galaxy far, far away... in Bakersfield, the universe has a new set of twins named Luke and Leia battling the forces of evil. 

Saying Nathan August and Madalynne Mullay are big Star Wars fans is an understatement.

August says he has seen all of the original movies at least 100 times, and he got Mullay into it when they started dating.

About a year ago, August and Mullay found out they were having twins. Right away, they knew they wanted the twins to have matching names. 

When the couple found out the gender of their babies, they decided to reach into a galaxy far, far away for inspiration.

"He was joking, like what if we named them Luke and Leia," Mullay said.

That's exactly what the babies were named, and the iconic Star Wars brand became an iconic affair. 

Three-month-old Luke and Leia have yet to fight Darth Vader and the Empire, and still don't quite know about their namesakes. But their parents have no doubt the force is strong with them and believe they'll one day follow the paths of their Jedi parents.

"I think they'll catch on. I think they'll love it because it has to do with them and why we named them," Mullay said.

Mark Hamill gave the twins a shout out on Twitter Thursday night.