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Look up to the sky this month, it will be a busy time for stargazers

Posted at 1:52 PM, Jan 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-02 16:52:07-05

This month will feature a major meteor shower just after the New year, and North America stargazers will be able to enjoy the event this weekend.

Starting just before midnight in California on Friday, the Quadrantids meteor shower will light up the night sky. The shower will continue into the early predawn hours of Saturday.

It will be the perfect night for a meteor shower because Friday night will also be a moonless sky, according to forecasters.

If you miss the Quadrantids, you will need to wait until the spring for the next opportunity to see a meteor shower, when the Lyrids peak on April 22.

This month will also bring the first lunar eclipse of the year, however this eclipse will not be visible to most of North and South America.

On Jan. 10 into Jan. 11, majority of the world will be able to watch the Wolf Moon lunar eclipse.

Another major astronomy event to watch out for is the growth of Venus.

Venus usually outshines most stars in the night sky, but come Jan.27, Earth's neighbor will be even brighter.

Astronomers say people will still need telescopes, but that evening Venus will bright enough to use as reference point to spot Jupiter, which will look like a dim blue star.