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Looking for Bigfoot? Consider starting your search in the Golden State

Travel Channel ranks California as 2nd best place to search
Woman sues California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for ignoring existence of Bigfoot
Posted at 12:35 PM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-10 15:35:43-04

If you're looking for a legendary creature part of the American lexicon, it turns out California may be one of the best places to start your search.

The Travel Channel recently conducted research for a new show and found the Golden State is the second-best state to search for Bigfoot.

The channel found that over the past several decades, California has had 1,697 reported sightings of the creature also known as Sasquatch. That's good for the second-most sightings, right behind Washington state.

Nationwide, there have been more than 23,000 reported Bigfoot sightings during that time.

Back in 2018, a woman sued the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for allegedly ignoring the existence of Bigfoot. She claimed to have run across Bigfoot while hiking with her daughters.

"I ran into a Sasquatch – a Bigfoot. We were face to face. He was 30 feet up in the tree," Claudia Akley told The Press-Enterprise last year. "He looked like a Neanderthal man with hair all over him. He had solid black eyes. He had no expression on his face at all. He did not show his teeth. He just stared at the three of us."