Made In Kern County: Califia Farms produces Almond Milk here in Kern County

We know almonds have been popular here in Kern County for so many years, but within the last few years, almond milk has been taking off.

You’ve probably seen it in your grocery store, and there's one Kern County business that’s been making that popular almond milk.

23ABC's Tim Calahan met Josh Butt, who's been the VP of manufacturing for several years at Califia Farms.

”We’ve been in Kern County since 2011," Butt said. "We make really delicious almond milk, coffees and juices bottled right here in this facility, and our expansion over the last 5 months has included a 60,000 square foot distribution center. We're able to send products from (the distribution center) to all over the country." 

Hundreds of thousands of bottles of Califia's almond milk are made in the facility each day.

This process goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in this 40,000 square-foot bottling plant. 

"Milk fills to a specific height every single time and then it comes through and gets a cap with a sanitizer," Butt said.

A commitment to food safety — and the process that has earned Califia Farms numerous accolades in the industry. 

And one that has allowed their operation to grow.

Now, Califia’s products are in more than 27,000 storefronts across the nation.

And in just 5 years — the small Kern County company has boomed into one of the fast growing daily alternatives.


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