Management is now exploring options to upgrade security inside and outside of the building

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 02:37:19-04

With the circle deli visible off Golden State highway and on the Garces circle, you may think they'd be less prone to break ins.

But in the past week Manager Colleen Engle said three separate burglaries have been reported, with the most recent being this morning.

“Starting last Thursday we have been burglarized, vandalized last night and then vandalized this morning,” said Engle.

Something circle deli employees and neighboring businesses say is odd especially just a few days apart.

“When we were burglarized last Thursday, they broke in through the wall in the storage room and got away with the cash register, vault and all the money we had here,” said Engle.

Forcing the store to think about ramping up their security inside and outside of the building.

“We're thinking about having an on-site security where there's someone here 24/7. Hopefully that'll deter it. You know, I mean cameras outside, inside. More lighting and hopefully more police presence,” said Engle.

But assistant manager Beth Johnson says since last Thursday’s break in, the value of what the thieves are going after keeps changing.

“They stole like cartons of cigarettes, they stole...they tried to get sodas. I mean they took our calculator,” said Johnson.

Making the early morning trips to the store and the cost of repair more frustrating.

“I want it to stop. You know I'm tired of coming here at four something in the morning and something happened. Something got broken into. Something's broke, I'm tired of it,” said Johnson.

“You know we're just a little business. We're trying to stay afloat. If anybody knows anything, let us know so we can stop it. Or we're going to end up closing down,” said Engle.

Johnson and Engle also said the store is working closely with M&S security to get the video from the different burglaries and as soon as they do they will hope to identify the individuals involved.