Many Kern County residents say they are glad election season is over

Posted at 11:44 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 02:46:28-05

Just one day after voting for our next president, many people across the county and country are feeling a sense of relief.

“I feel good, my family feels good that it's over.”

“It's nice that we can turn on the TV without the anxiety.”

And while many people are now protesting the decision of our country's democracy, many more like Ed and Lillie Swanson and Don White just hope the world can move forward together.

“We need to unite as American citizens, as Americans period that help each other grow and give a lot of support to each other,” said White.

“It would be really exciting if people could start working together. I realize that brings difficulty but way more can be done than we've done in the past,” said Lillie Swanson.

A feeling The Swanson’s say has been missing since the primaries, both glad it's all finally over.

“We don't have to be vicious, we don't have to be mean. We can come together and realize there's differences in us and we have all kinds of different ideas, religious philosophies, all kinds of things,” said Ed Swanson.

Everybody like, Clement Ogbuehr, agreeing those things that make us different as individuals is the reason  our country is so special.

“It might not be the best choice for this person or the other person but looking at the whole thing, you know America is great. I came here and that's part of the reason I'm still living in this country,” said Ogbuehr.

A country divided for months by political beliefs again looking to be united under the stars and stripes.

“I believe that all of us Americans standing together as one will actually make this a stronger country. And that if we all just believe in helping each other out that we can unite and become one nation again,” said White.