Marley's Mutts returns from Texas with 40 saved pets displaced from Hurricane Harvey

Posted at 5:31 PM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 20:31:26-04

40 dogs and cats rescued from Hurricane Harvey, being brought here to Kern County by one local rescue. 23ABC’s Adam Bowles went to Tehachapi where he met with Zack Skow with Marleys Mutts and talked to him about this journey to save dozens of furry friends.

Zack Skow with Marleys Mutts is back from Houston after rescuing forty dogs and cats from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, the most extreme rain event in U.S. history.

Tens of thousands of people were flooded out of their homes because of Hurricane Harvey in late August.

One local dog rescue wanted to do something about it, thinking about the animals displaced by the record breaking floods.  

"We got to see the best of people, the whole trip was really inspiring and we just felt connected to everyone along the way. Because of it, we were able to come away from Texas with forty animals and forty saved lives,"  Zack Skow says. 

Forty lives given a second chance, because of Zack Skow with Marleys Mutts and one trip decided last week to do something powerful to help others.  

"This mission, It has given me a boost of confidence and motivation and Im really fulfilled for sure," Robert Villaneda says.

Forty lives saved, because of the love of others.

"Its always rewarding to be apart of something greater than yourself. Its always,you know, you always feel the most alive when you are being of service and we felt very alive on this trip helping as many people as we could," Skow says.

The trip was tiring, But Zack can rest easy knowing he did a good deed for those in need.

"We call our dogs and cats the Houston hoard. Its our hoard of critters from Harvey and Houston," Skow says.

Some of this Houston hoard is staying at this ranch being checked up by Marleys Mutts, but if you want to adopt one of these Houston animals you can contact Marleys and in a few weeks, you could have a new friend that survived one of the most destructive storms in our history.