Measure J could affect veteran's education, fund Veteran's Center at Bakersfield College

Bond would allot $500 million for comm. colleges
Posted: 6:50 PM, Nov 02, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-03 01:51:37Z
Measure J could affect local veterans
Measure J could affect local veterans

Election day is exactly one week from today and voters will decided whether or not to pass Measure J.

At least 500 veterans walk through the Veteran's Center's door at Bakersfield College to get on track with their educational career.

The measure is a $502.8 million dollar bond that would help upgrade BC's Veteran's Center. 

Right now, the Veteran's Center is a makeshift lounge and office.

They provide transitional services for veterans, counseling and a place to network.

Money from Measure J would provide funding for a bigger and better resource center to help the hundreds of veterans they see every day.

Those who work at the resource center said the funding is much-needed.

"What we need is a space for studying, an office for our counselor and a place where we can hang out, drink coffee, talk amongst ourselves, talk about war stories if we please," said Roy Truitt, President of the Bakersfield College Veteran's Club.

Armando Trujillo, the only student veteran's counselor at BC said a renovated facility would, "accommodate a study room, accommodate and office for myself and advisory possibly or a coordinator."

Those who are opposed to the bond say it would increase taxes for 30 years and would only give 1.8% of this tax to veterans.