2 suspects in Chuck E Cheese's shooting in court

Posted at 5:42 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 20:42:45-04
Melton Smith and Brent Pratt appeared in court on Thursday for their arraignment. It was their first appearance since their arrests on Tuesday.
Both are being charged with attempted murder and gang charges for their role in a shooting outside of Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday that left three victims injured.
Pratt appeared in court on crutches and Smith held up a piece of paper to avoid having his face on camera.
The district attorney's office says that there are now warrants out for two more suspects and detectives are gathering more information about Saturday's shooting.
"There are a lot of witnesses in this case and the police are working very diligently to talk to those witnesses and gather other evidence," said Cynthia Zimmer, supervising deputy district attorney for the gang unit.
Cedric Inge, another suspect that was arrested over the weekend, has been released from jail.
Zimmer said that his case has been sent back to the Bakersfield Police Department so they can gather additional evidence.
Smith and Pratt will appear again in court on April 25th.