New bars, lounges, and food at Rabobank Arena

Posted at 6:42 AM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 09:42:25-04

Rabobank Arena unveiled their newest additions for the 2017 Condors season and for the rest of the year.

On the technical side, a new video screen has replaced the old, broken one over center ice. This offers a better viewing experience, with close-to-HD visuals.

The next addition is the Crossbar Craft Beer Pub located in a more remote part of the arena hoping to spread crowds to different areas. This pub offers six craft beers for your drinking pleasure but has something exciting as well. Lengthwise Brewery is back at Rabobank after not being sold there for nearly a decade. The brewery is excited to bring Condors fans some locally brewed beers.

For another spot to grab a drink, check out the Ice Level Lounge. It is a standing room area complete with a bar, TVs, and games. But the best part is, the lounge is right on the ice. You can stand and watch the game at the same level as the players. Anyone with a lower level ticket and who is over 21 can enjoy this new space.

Looking forward to next year? Well, General Manager of Rabobank Arena, Steve Eckerson, says they hope to continue adding new lounges and viewing areas for guests. These will possibly be located in the stands where regular seating is already offered. Comfortable seats and tables could replace the old setup to allow for a casual conversational vibe. Steve wants more drinking spots where you can see the playing surface.

Along with these changes, Rabobank is adding new food options, like a wok station and pizza bar. New items will also be added to the food stands already in place, like Cuban sandwiches and nachos! Stay tuned for an all-new At The Table next month that will have an in-depth look at these tasty creations!

Head to Rabobank for a Condors game or any other events to check out these new additions!