Docs show Brito's role in Delano sex scandal

Posted at 5:23 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 20:23:24-04

Much of the focus in the Delano sex scandal involving a school employee having a sexual relationship with an underage student has focused on Bobby Scott Perigo, but Juan Brito alleged role is now becoming clearer.

Up to this point, Brito has been an accused accomplice to Perigo.

New court documents obtained today by 23ABC show a text message exchange between Brito, who also worked at Delano High School, and the girl Perigo has admitted to having a relationship with.

The documents show that Brito and Perigo were planning to go to the girl's house, but Perigo was drunk and it appears that they did not go.

But later in the conversation, Brito asks the girl to come outside and a few minutes later she responds, "Thank you so much I appreciate it."

Also in the documents are interviews with a data entry secretary and security guard at Delano High School.

The secretary says that Brito and another student were in Brito's office at 4:30 p.m. the Thursday before Spring Break.

After asking the two what they were doing at school that late, the secretary walked by the office a second time and after finding the girl's feet on Brito's desk, deemed the situation inappropriate along with another school staff member.

The documents also details an encounter the secretary had with Perigo.

The secretary says that she walked by Perigo's office and saw the girl he was in the relationship with along with two other male students.

Students had their feet on Perigo's desk and after the secretary told them to put their feet down, she says Perigo responded, "Who are you? Are you the boss?"

The police report shows that the security guard, who some staff members said was "touchy touchy" with female students, said that Brito would often attempt to set him up with female students and Brito would recommend girls to ask out.