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New Storm Area 51 Festival creator talks possible lawsuit, festival tour

Posted at 1:43 AM, Sep 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 04:43:26-04

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. — The Storm Area 51 Facebook event then turned festival blasted off this weekend, in multiple places.

Matty Roberts, the original creator of the Facebook event Storm Area 51 is now facing legal action.

This comes after cutting ties with his former partner, Connie West of A’Le’Inn, in Rachel Nevada, over the Aliesnstock festival.

"I probably should have noticed red flags earlier but as far as everything else I am completely satisfied with everything that has happened," Roberts said.

Now, after the events have ended, the two parties are in the midst of a possible legal battle.

"This is probably the better thing that could have happened because it lessened a lot of people out there," Roberts said. "I think she had 3,000 over the three-day event which is decent."

West has filed a complaint in Nevada District Court against the group including Roberts, his associate Frank DiMaggio. West says they joined her in the making of Alienstock.

The 27-page complaint makes several claims against the members of Alienstock, one was that the West suffered lost wages.

Also, the members of Alienstock failed to provide any funding for the event.

"Alienstock was not canceled we just moved it to Las Vegas and if they had the festival under that name they did that at their own peril," said Frank DiMaggio, partner to Roberts.

The claim states that they verbally agreed to sign a contract but according to the claim they never did.

The sponsorship funds were agreed to cover the costs which became Pornhub who gave $70,000 for the event.

"All I ever been was a host and promoter," said Roberts. "I never had any other role other than that, I was brought on for promotion by Connie."

The claims state West spent close to $200,000.

"We do have 18 months to use that money [ the 70,000] to throw another event if we choose to, but as of right now we are going to send that money back," Roberts said.

After cutting ties, Roberts partnered with the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. Roberts says that the event was attended by about 10,000 people.

"She is now claiming that $200,000 was spent on that event and I been doing events for a long time," DiMaggio said. "I don’t see $200,000 worth of anything unless she spent that on T-shirts there is no way she spent that."

West claims Roberts "new" event detoured people from coming to her event.

Also, that Roberts and other members did a "smear campaign and made false public statements claiming the event was canceled," a statement Roberts denies.

"Everything we have said so far has been true," Roberts said. "I haven’t said anything that has attacked her character we just said we served because of bad business partnership. "

Roberts says despite this complaint he and his team are planning to take the festival on tour across the U.S. and maybe even global.