Walmart has started to lay concrete in Tehachapi

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - UPDATE: According to a Facebook post from the City of Tehachapi, Walmart has started pouring concrete.


Eleven Western Builders, Inc. will be starting construction on a Walmart Store at Tucker Rd & Tehachapi Blvd in Tehachapi, Calif.

According to Tehachapi News, the people of Tehachapi have been waiting for this store to be built for four years. 

The construction for the Walmart near Antelope Run will begin July 30, 2019 and the completion of the project should be during the summer of 2019.

Eleven Western Builders said that they appreciate the patience as the construction begins.

If you have any questions or need to contact the Site Superintendent for any issue, call Craig Stewart at (760) 445-1023 or reach him at his email at

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