No permit for mobile home where baby died

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jan 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-27 22:38:22-05

New details are emerging about the mobile home fire where 5-month old Jenica Lozano baby died Sunday night. State officials tell 23ABC the mobile home property owner did not file for the proper permits for seven units and people should not have been living in them. 

The California Department of Housing and Community Development said on January 4th they made an unannounced visit to 4 Jay's Park and realized that seven of the units did not have permits filed and had not been inspected. 

Evan Gerberding, communications director for HCD, said mobile units are not allowed to be installed until a permit is filed. Then inspectors from the HCD must inspect the home before tenants are allowed to occupy the building. 

Gerberding said this was not done on those seven units and the property owner was fined $400, double the regular rate, for each of the units without permits. 

The property owner then has 30 days to file the permits and call HCD to have the place inspected. If there is no call to HCD officials will automatically return after the 30 days to inspect the property. 

Gerberding added there have been no complaints reported about the property in 20 years, but Gerberding said the inspections are required and are important for the safety of the tenants. 

“At the inspection we’re looking for all kinds of health and safety concerns. Anything from mechanical, electrical to making sure it’s structurally sound, to making sure that fire safety is in place and then we also, we look over the entire park," said Gerberding.

23ABC reached out to Pama Management who manages 4 Jay's Park to ask about the alleged missing permits. 

The human resource director, Sherri Wilson said in a statement, "Our most heartfelt condolences to Marco, Angelica and their family. We are providing intermediate accommodations and relocating all affected families. We are working with all agencies and conducting our own internal investigation."

Tyler Townsend, public information officer for the Kern County Fire Department, said no smoke detectors were found in the home and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.