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Officials say to be aware of the current air quality due to fires

Posted at 9:15 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 00:15:34-04

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Air is asking people to be cautions of the areas around them. Air quality is being affected in locations throughout the entire San Joaquin Valley due to the many fires surrounding the valley. Officials issued a health cautionary statement. The impact of the smoke will continue until the fires are completely extinguished. 

The smoke from the wildfires produce matter that can trigger asthma attacks, aggravate chronic heart and lung diseases, increase the risk of a heart attack and stroke. Anyone with respiratory conditions, young children or elders are susceptible to health effects from the pollutants. It is advised to be inside when possible to avoid any health problems. 

Some areas may be experiencing ash impacts from potential fires. If you smell smoke or see ash, it is an indication to avoid being outside because conditions are "unhealthy". (RAAN Level 4 or higher) 

Residents can check the District's wildfire page at for information about any current wildfires and whether they are impacting the valley.