Patients receive medical treatment and given support at local burn center

Posted at 11:11 AM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 14:25:01-04
The Grossman Burn Center at Bakersfield Memorial offers services for both pediatric and adult patients and is one of two California locations.
"We are a seven bed ICU unit, we treat patients of all ages and all size burns we have an outpatient facility and we also offer surgical services as well", said Lesley Angle, Physician Assistant, The Grossman Burn Center at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.
Edgar Vargas suffered one of the most common types of injuries after cooking in the kitchen and was treated at the center.
"I freaked out and just tossed the oil out of the house and it spilled on my hand", said Vargas.
"Scalds are definitely the most common types of injuries we see whether they happen in the kitchen, this time of year we are seeing a lot of radiator fluid burns after it explodes from their car", said Angle.
Doctors cared for Vargas in the hydrotherapy room which patients are sent to before going into surgery to have their wounds cleansed twice a day.
Angle says the center also offers patients support even after they are discharged. "Burns are very traumatic injuries and we want to offer support groups for patients even after they are discharged from the hospital".
The majority of patients treated at the center are young children.
"We have a camp coming up for our pediatric patients where they get together with similar of age, a chance for them to let loose and be themselves again"
The Grossman Burn Center was funded by donations from the SA Camp Companies. 
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