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Police raid 18th home in Cal City with illegal marijuana growing operation

No suspect located during Thursday's raid
Posted at 4:45 PM, Jan 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-18 19:45:10-05

Cal City Police uncovered an illegal marijuana grow operation Thursday, Jan. 20th just before 4 p.m. after homeowners discovered their home had been converted to grow hundreds of marijuana plants. 

Officers responded to the home, located in the 9500 block of Evelyn Ave., and found all of the rooms in the home had temporary walls and electrical lines installed. 

Police said electrical lines were hung from ceilings and large holes had been punched into the walls to help circulate humid air inside of the home. 

No suspects were located during Thursday's raid.

Nine suspects have been arrested over the past six weeks from the 18 raids. Over three tons of marijuana have been seized in total. 

Officials estimated over $500,000 in damages to the homes found to have illegal marijuana growing operations, according to California City Police.