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Pregnancy and Covid-19

Posted at 8:29 AM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 11:29:27-04

BAKERSFIELD, CA.  — As the number of Covid-19 patients continues to grow in hospitals, many expecting mothers are rethinking their delivery plans.

“I just want to know every scenario. God forbid I do get it, is the baby going to get it? Do I have to be quarantined from my baby? What if my husband gets it?" said Julia Marquez, an expecting mother.

A local obstetrician answered some of these questions during an interview with 23ABC.

“So far the virus is still new and we are learning a lot about it. There is no vertical transmission cases that are necessarily known to affect the baby but we’re learning more every day," said Dr.McDermott.

As the virus spreads, doctors have changed their visitation polices. Most hospitals are now limiting one support person per delivery room and no visitors in the waiting area.

“I think universally we’re hearing people are nervous we cant have more family in the room than they may have wanted plenty of people only wanted one person but we’re also hearing I had to choose between a spouse or significant other and a parent or sister," said Dr. McDermott.

Guidelines for hospitals are changing every day. Pregnant women should prepare for their visit to the hospital by remaining at home and protected from anyone that may be potentially sick or infected with Covid-19.

“We do think of pregnancy as an immunosuppressed state so meaning you’re more susceptible to any illness overall however so far there is no data that pregnant women have any different course with the virus than the general public," said Dr. Mc Dermott.